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Settlrs is rental services company for furniture, home appliances, electronic and IT infrastructure. We cater to B2B clients in the housing sector, enabling them to shift from "outright purchase model" to "pay per use" model at reasonable monthly rentals.

Solidifying Rental Lifecycle

Procurement through Re-deployment. Procure, Rent, Deploy, Maintain & Re-deploy – effortlessly. Complete the full cycle of furniture & appliances rentals without the hassles of commitment.

Scale rapidly and reliably

Transition to Operational Expenditure from Capital Expenditure. Scale. Decrease initial outlay and grow faster.

Rent or Subscribe

Our OpEx based flexible business model lets you rent or subscribe. Embrace the future of business models by opting for our Rent/Subscription based model for rentals - promises huge saving on capital outlay.

Comprehensive Solutions For Co-living Spaces & Co-working


Option to change and rotate furniture after the Tenure

One of the biggest benefits you’d enjoy would undoubtedly be the flexibility and freedom that comes with it. You would have a choice of choosing a different furniture after each tenure. This would help you reimagine the living spaces every now and then.


According to your requirements

You want your living spaces to look and feel unique. You want the furniture and furnishings to look a certain way. We design and procure them to match your requirements. We customize the furniture and furnishings to fit your aesthetics.


Fixed AMC for 36 months during the rental tenure.

The maintenance cost is reduced to a minimum as we provide a fixed AMC for 36 months.

Why choose us?


Are you tired of being charged the “service fee” or “processing fee” above and beyond the advertised price? Unlike several others, Settlrs will not charge you any hidden fees or additional service charges on your rental/subscription price.


We build customized products for you that are strong and durable. We use quality materials that ensure superior build quality and result in minimal wear & tear over prolonged use. Ultimately results in low maintenance and high value.


All our products are curated by trained designers. They curate perfect furniture packages to suit your customer’s needs. These packages transform living spaces making them feel premium.

50 +

Businesses Served

1000 +

Properties Furnished

7500 +

Assets Rented

Our Offerings

  • Housing Packages
  • Computer Packages
  • Recreational Packages

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